marketing. advertising. design

marketing. advertising. and design!

Yes to all three.  i have always had a love for the way things work, and the way things look —especially in print materials. Native to Kansas, i studied advertising at The University of Kansas and graduated with a Bachelor's degreee. I have spent time during my career in Ad Agencies, large and small. 

i work hard, and i am willing to try most anything, at least once. (wink) through my marketing. advertising and design, i hope to inspire others. i lead. i encourage. i network. i build relationships. 

i love working to help people experience a fuller life filled with joy. i love being in relationship. i love to be around people, but especially enjoy working one-on-one, with small businesses. school groups. not-for-profit companies and Christian organizations.

i have always loved to dream. design and organize. i design print materials. websites. custom clothing. promotional programs. i am great at project management. community relations. event planning. you name it, i have probably been involved in it sometime throughout my 25 year career. not only do i design on the computer, i design "environments" too. such fun to switch out accessories and move items around to create new looks with things that may seem old  or tired in the eyes of another

                                     ... when it comes to design, i see things differently than most. i love to create simple, fresh spaces and materials.

i love doing what i do.
i love to set, reach and exceed goals.  

i love that i can be creative, build relationships and have fun everyday while getting the job done! 

                        so, if you are wondering
                        if i can help you with whatever you are thinking about or working on ...

                                                                                                                                                                      the answer is yes. let's connect.

Are you ready to have fun while getting it done?

                         be intentional.
                         invest in relationships. call kim wagner or email me now.

                                                                   experience life change. let's go!