marketing. advertising. design.



i like effecient, productive ways.

i like to make things beautiful. and i insist on fun.

so, these are a few of the things i do. organize. plan. manage projects and events. lead a team. i love to design spaces. t-shirt artwork. and logos. i like to design all things print. business cards. postcards. invitations. flyers and more.

i think it is a blast to work with small businesses. school groups. 
non-profit organizations and individuals to streamline effeciencies. build relationships and  work together to provide top-notch experiences, and lots of fun. And, all at an affordable price.

       ... a few more things i love to do.

  • invest in relationships
  • decorate and design living spaces
  • create print materials
  • teach and lead
  • travel!
  • love on Mamas
  • care for children
  • manage projects and plan events
  • organize
  • invest in community relations
  • coordinate teams of people
  • network and build community

if you are wondering if i can help you with whatever you are working on ... the answer is most likely yes! the real question is, are you ready to have a great time while making it happen. be intentional. invest in relationships. experience life change. let's go! 

about kim


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filled with faith. fun. funny. fiesty!
i love doing what i do. it is as natural for me as breathing.
i invite you to join me in the adventure.

with intentional living, we'll have fun and get the job done. Guaranteed!
go for it. give me a call and introduce yourself and let's get started today.





Creative Christ Follower




i am bold and brave. ​​

          friendly and fun.

complex, yet i believe simple is best.

           yes! i am creative too.