meet me and my family

hi. it's Kim

        i'd like to introduce my family.

i met my handsome husband, Scott 30 years ago when were teens. friendship and lots of fun together took us into a relationship in mid 90s and now we have been together more than 20 years.

        i  am a proud Mom to two teenagers,
                            Wyatt and Sela (pronounced SEE-La) and
                            MaMa to our furry, almost 5 year-old Max, our God-Dog,

         our family is grounded by our relationship with Jesus. we know ho
                  to work hard,
                  serve others, and have fun.  
                  we are the real deal. we love. we fight. we make mistakes. we are not perfect. it is through Christ that we persevere with courage and strength. We strive to treat other's the way we want to be treated. and when not sure what to do, L.O.V.E. we start with love.

a few things close to our hearts ...  relationships. family time. drag racing. dancing. horses. sports. road trips. beach vacations. Westside Family Church family. sharing our stories of life transformation and sharing the love of Jesus. 

           and, because Jesus loves me, and  i LOVE Jesus and i love to encourage others through God's Word, i would LOVE for you to check out the website and for a quick hit of encouragement, read the iconic photo driven blog thanks! peace out!

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